Wendy’s Has an All-New Frosty Just in Time for Summer


As so many parts of the country are starting to heat up, it’s only natural that we’d be thinking about ways to cool off this summer. And what better way to wash down a meal than with a creamy Wendy’s Frosty?

Enjoying that sweet mixture of soft serve ice cream and milkshake—and maybe dipping a fry or two into it—is one of our favorite summer memories. And even though those memories always included a vanilla or chocolate Frosty, Wendy’s has been stepping up its game recently with new Frosty flavors.

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Southwest passenger: ‘Crying and screaming’ as plane makes emergency landing at DIA

DENVER (KDVR) — Julianna Donadio was on Southwest Airlines flight No. 225 going from Denver to Phoenix Monday night when the jet had to return to Denver International Airport, making an emergency landing after one of the tires failed at takeoff.

Southwest said the flight landed without incident, but Donadio said it was a frightening experience.

“When the flight attendants said we were going to have an emergency landing, we started to panic a little bit. People were definitely crying and screaming and trying to console one another,” Donadio said.

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National Donut Day

Is your belly rumbling at the reminder of National Donut Day? We wouldn’t be surprised if it was, as most of us love these most scrumptious foods.

National Donut Day
National Donut Day

There are many varieties of doughnuts outside of that most commonly known, including twist doughnuts, fritters, and the hugely varied and popular filled doughnut. Filled doughnuts come in a huge variety, including the very popular Devil Dog, a chocolate covered delight filled with a rich cream. Glazed doughnuts filled with all sorts of delicious fruit are equally popular, with raspberry being a runaway favorite throughout the world.

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Summer Game Fest 2024: Everything Announced

The 2024 Summer Game Fest showcase has come to a close after bringing out a steaming plate of game reveals, trailers, and surprises. It was a presentation jam-packed with nearly every kind of video game from across the industry.

The show put the spotlight on games of every shape and size throughout its two-hour runtime, with some highlights bringing first looks at new titles like Lego Horizon Adventures, Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions, and everything Blumhouse Games is cooking up. We’ve gathered everything you need to know here.

Lego Horizon Adventures is coming to PlayStation 5

The long-rumored Lego Horizon Adventures game kicked off Summer Game Fest, revealing brick versions of Aloy and the robot dinosaurs fans have come to know over recent years. First footage of the project revealed a Lego adventure that’s a bit more family-friendly than Guerrilla Games’ mainline series, including what seems to be the option to play co-op with a friend. The footage also teases customization options to enjoy when Lego Horizon Adventures comes to PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch, and PS5 this holiday season.

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